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Return of the LST-325
Articles about the ship posted before Feb. 2001 - For articles after this date visit lstmemorial.org
By United States LST Association
Feb 22, 2001
We have just received some bad news. One of the crew that returned the LST-325 back from Greece has passed away on Feb. 20, 2001. We express deepest sympathy to Jean and the family of Jackson R. Carter XO of the LST 325 and a former crew member of the LST-887. Services are pending at this time. Donations can be sent to the American Cancer Society in Mr. Jackson R. Carter's name or to the USS LST Ship Memorial Inc. at 64 Ponderosa Dr. Oregon, Oh. 43616-2221. A memorial service will be planned.

Capt. Jornlin and the rest of the crew wishes to convey their deepest sympathies to the family of Jack Carter.

Mike and Linda Gunjak

In Memory of Our Departed Friend Jack Carter
After fulfilling a personal dream to bring home the Memorial Ship, Jack Carter passed away on the evening of February 20, 2001. Jack Carter was a genuinely good man who gently touched many lives including those at PVNET.

We will always remember Jack as a man of dignity and principle, who helped those around him in any he could without question or fanfare. Jack was a doer. We will miss Jack and are honored to have had the privilege of his friendship.

His friends at PVNET (creator of the original Log of LST-325)

Message from Captain Robert Jornlin

Feb. 23, 2001
As all of you know, the crew of LST 325 made it into Mobile, AL, on January 10, 2001, but you may not know that we were one hour early! We had traveled at 1700 miles in the Mediterranean and at 4300 miles from Gibraltar to Mobile, a total of 6,000 miles plus, and that did not count our 360 degree turns. The crew of the 325 was the best and most experienced crew to ever set sail on a landing ship tank, and I am most grateful to have sailed with them.

We were not an unsafe ship, as reported by the press after the Coast Guard had warned us to stay in port. We had new canister life rafts, life jackets with whistles and lights, we had a damage control/fire-fighting team, the CO2 bottles were all filled, fire hoses were hooked up and tested and we had corrected 11 out of the 16 discrepancies the inspector had cited, who had spent three days on the ship; gave us an inspection as thorough as one could give. We worked on the other five, but could not possibly correct them in Gibraltar. They had to do with the electrical wiring, emergency shut down controls for the mains, two more 20-man life rafts, and remove all oily water and oil from the bilge's.

The ship used approximately 1,300 gallons of BP diesel per day when both main engines were working and about 30 gallons of lube oil! The starboard engine lost number 12 cylinder about 1,000 miles out of Gibraltar and the
engineers shut that cylinder off and we traveled 3,300 miles on only11 cylinders on the starboard engine!
I want to thank all of you supporters who never gave up. You kept encouraging us and praying for us, and we will not forget you. Those of you who said it can¹t be done, those of you who said, ³You are all crazy,² and
especially those of you who wrote the U.S. State Department, the Coast Guard, American Embassy and said we were not qualified, unsafe and should not be allowed to sail the ship, I say to you take a look in Mobile Bay 325 you will see!

She is beautiful, she is home where she belongs in the USA. She has a little rust, needs some loving care, but with all of your help we will have her all dressed up for the LST reunion in September. I am putting in a list of repairs in another article. I would like to see ship crews or state LST chapters take on these jobs. Let me or Mr. Earl Stone know. Pick out a time to come down and have fun as a group. We would accept
money in place of labor and/or materials.

Captain Robert D. Jornlin

1. AC to DC electric rheostat rectifier
A. Being built
B. Don Chapman in charge
2. Sewage confinement system
A. Complete system
B. Holding tank with eductor pump
C. Dominick Perruso has plans for this
3. Clean bilge's
A. Remove all oil from main engine room bilge's and clean
B. Clean auxiliary engine room bilge's
C. Both must be gas free and pass Coast Guard inspection
D. Carl Black was to get bids
4. Get new fire extinguishers. Ones on ship are beyond pressure test dates
A. Need estimates
5. Get fire plan in place (Coast Guard requirement)
A. Need diagram of ship where fire equipment is located
B. Post number for fire department
C. Procedure for charging ship fire main
D. Check Coast Guard requirements
6. Paint and chip paint as necessary
A. Sides, bow, stern, etc.
B. Superstructure treated with acid then paint all
C. Main deck spot chip, acid wash/power wash, paint
D. Officers country
E. Galley
F. Wheelhouse, radio room
G. Crew¹s quarters
H. Port and starboard sides
I. Tank deck
J. Entries forward (dog houses)
1. Main deck area
2. Second deck area
3. Third deck area to tank deck
K. Emergency fire pump room
7. Electric
A. Replace all light fixtures not working - those jury rigged with pigtail lights - officers country, galley, crew¹s quarters, etc., to meet Coast Guard inspection
8. Need two gangways
A. Fix the ship¹s so it will swing out at 90 degrees - put wheels on the end
B. Need one with steps for safe access up to ship (Coast Guard requirement - must meet their criteria)
9. Make wooden platform over top of main deck for easy walking (safely)
10. Cut holes in tank deck to view engine rooms and engines
11. Widen access stairway (ladder) to tank deck from crew¹s quarters aft. Second phase: Get ship running To come later: repair or replace main engines, #2 auxiliary engine.

In only a few weeks, the LST 325 has had the following done:

Mr. Earl Stone (cell phone 334-604-5492), security, work parties, workers, times and jobs.
Meat that was quarantined by agriculture department removed.
Reefers and galley sprayed with Clorox to disinfect.
Agricultural inspection passed.
Other garbage removed and flammable materials removed.
All items that could be stolen, locked up.
Ships spaces with parts, tools, etc., locked up.
Spaces cleaned up, decks cleaned, galley cleaned.
Office set up in captain¹s stateroom.
Ship has a cell phone: 334-402-1225.
We have a professional person in charge of public relations: Priscilla Roberts, aide to Congressman Hall, Government Relations.
We are looking into a book. We have hats, pins, T-shirts and patches for sale, and we have a person handling that, see ads in Scuttlebutt. We have many more projects started to fix up the ship and to raise money. The
electricity is the big hold up. We need DC for lights, fresh water and to start any of the electric motors. It is being worked on hard. I will be down there February 19, for several days, and March 11.

Captain Bob Jornlin
U.S. LST Ship Memorial
P.S. With Linda Gunjak and Mike helping in all aspects, we have a team second to none!

Feb 15, 2001
A story appeared in the Mobile Register this morning stating that people can view the ship but no soliciting of funds near or on board the ship will be permitted. We have not been doing that. People have been very generous and have not been asked to give any money. If you are planning to go there you can donate with the form above or just mail in a check and say it is for the ship. The Coast Guard is being very good about things and have also done their job. We appreciate their interest and are keeping everything on the right path. If you are going to visit the USS Alabama in Mobile, they do have Mr. Stone's phone number for directions to the ship. Please be patient it will all come together.

Jan 15, 2001
I want to thank all of the people that came to Mobile to welcome home the ship. It was wonderful. I don't think anyone could have predicted the amount of former LST men and their wives that came to see the ship come home. The city of Mobile were not ready for the influx of people. They expected 500 and 5,000 showed up. We just returned so please be patient we will keep updating the page with information as soon as we can. I thing I know is that they will need volunteers to stay with the ship and people to work on it. It will need some TLC and plenty of it. They will also need donations to keep the old girl going. The form is available just above. Please keep this dream going. Also she will be on display at the reunion in September. The dates again are Sept. 18-24, 2001. Again thanks for all the good words the men appreciate every one of them. They have gone home and are getting the rest they deserve. Remember they will need others to help with the next project, maybe you can be one of the crew. CHECKS ARE TO BE MADE OUT TO USS LST SHIP MEMORIAL INC. PLEASE.

Mike & Linda Gunjak

Feb. 12, 2001
This morning I had a message from Mr. Stone that the visiting of the LST-325 will be suspended for a while do to things that must be done with certain regulations from the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is stating a plan has to submitted to them regarding the future plans for the ship. I'm sure it is only a small bump in the road and will be resolved in a short time. They had been receiving donations from the people that came to view the ship and they were told that has to stop. So if you are planning on donating please use the form above.

We have a few people calling about a calendar they have received from the L.S.T. Brothers' Library & Museum from Costa Mesa, Ca.

The United States LST Association is not affiliated with the Museum and did not give the Museum any names from our membership list or have any input into the printing of the calendar. The Board of Directors of the United States LST Association many years ago, voted that your names would never be sold to anyone or to a business. The only people that receive names are former members of their LST that only get them when they join the association. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Feb. 10, 2001
At the present time the Coast Guard doesn't really encourage visiting of the ship but how do you tell former LST people they can't do something. The parking is very limited so please call ahead to check if it is OK.
The order forms for the hats, pins and etc. will be on line in about a week. Please be patient.

Thanks, Linda

This is from the discussion page of LST Home Port LST-446

LST 325 is located at Hooks Terminal in Chickasaw, Alabama. This yard is privately owned and is closed to the public. The clean-up work is progressing slowing but surely. We have about 15 local people working on the ship from time to time. Part of our time is used to escort visitors about the ship. We are closed to the local public because of the limited parking. We welcome all out of town visitors. We have never turned away a LST sailor. We are maintaining a "Cold Iron" ship and it would very uncomfortable to try to stay aboard ship. At this point our primary mission is fund raising from our guests. My job has been very time consuming since the 325 arrived.Working with 75 year old volunteers has been a new experience for me.I will try to do a better job with the information from the ship in the future. We can always use more help but remember we are still in a cleanup mode.

Feb. 6, 2001
We have heard about some rumors that are starting and we would like to stop them before they get out of hand.

1st. The United States LST Association is NOT TAKING OVER THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LST-325!!!! They have a complete separate Board of Directors and Officers. They make their own decisions and do not have any responsibility to the United States LST Association. No money has been given to the USS LST Ship Memorial Inc., from the National United States LST Association, all money that has been collected for the ship goes into a separate banking account for the USS LST Ship Memorial Inc. The donation you send is a Tax Deductible item per the IRS. You will be sent a letter confirming your donation. The form for the donation is back up this page, please use it, they need every dollar anyone can send.

2nd. It has been stated that the USS-325 is going to become a part of the USS Alabama Battleship Park, THAT IS NOT TRUE AT THIS TIME. They are not interested yet.

3rd. It has been rumored that the city of Mobile is going to pay for the restoration of the ship. If that would happen I think the people of Mobile would probably fire the Mayor,city council and anyone else they could get their hands on. They can't afford it either. Number 1 issue in Mobile is their SCHOOLS. No plans are in place at this time. They are very happy that the ship is there because it will be a attendance pull for the city.

Please understand that when someone tells you something, it isn't always the truth. We are trying to provide the most up to date information but remember that the National United States LST Association does not make the rules about the LST-325. We can assist in PR and advertise what the LST-325 has to sell or where you can send donations. That does not make us the ruling party. Thanks for understanding our feelings on the subject.

Other questions that have come up, are why Mobile, Al., was chosen. Up to about 3 weeks before they were ready to come to the United States, no one wanted the responsibility of the ship. Mobile was the city that agreed to accept the vessel "as is where is". It had to be cleared by the Coast Guard and other agencies that took time and it was touch and go for a while for they got it approved. Other cities were approached but they didn't make the commitment quick enough. The men from the LST-325 are very proud the city agreed to be the receiving port. The men didn't even know where it would be berthed for a short time. The arrival of the LST-325 on Jan. 10, they expected 500 and got more than 10,000 what a beautiful site to see.

Thanks, Linda

Feb. 5, 2001
It has been a couple of weeks since any update on the ship. They have been cleaning out the ship so the work can begin. It will take many man hours to get the old girl back to its original condition. The ship is not ready for touring yet. Please give the guys some time. They will be looking for volunteers to stand watch and do some of the work on board. The man that is currently in charge of the work parties is Mr. Earl Stone his number is 1-334-604-5492. Please be courteous and not call at all times of the night and day. Try to call between 9-4. He can take your name if you are serious about volunteering. They are waiting on a DC Generator for the ship to provide the power on the vessel. The ship was moved to the new dockage and it is in lock-down for at least a month. It is still cool down there and they don't have any heat on board. We have had many people donate to the Memorial fund. Please continue, the dockage is very expensive and many other things need to be paid. Just because the ship is here it doesn't mean they don't need money. The fun has just begun.

Another bit of information. The LST-325 is not at Battleship Park with the Alabama. They do not have room at the Park at this time. They don't have any information about the ship. It was never expected to be there. Somehow rumors got started that the LST-325 was going to be docked there. At this time nothing has been decided. The Alabama needs money to fix their own ship, so they can't take on another vessel.

The ship will be in Mobile for the annual reunion of the United States LST Association. Don't wait to make your reservations time is running out. More information later.

I received a letter from a gentleman and I am going to put a little here to give you people a chance to write to your Congressman and Senators. It is a request to recognize the crew of the LST-325

" To my knowledge this is the first time that this has ever been done, bringing honor to our nation and the veterans of this great country. There must be some way that our nation can pay homage to these men. If anyone deserved a Congressional Gold Medal it is every one of these men, or perhaps some other honor befitting this occasion. If I were President, I would give them the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but sadly, it is not in my power to do so. when one thinks that they really risked life and limb to bring this ship back so that those who served with them in the past (many giving their lives) may never be forgotten, I would say that they deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery above and beyond the call of duty." John E. Thomas Jr. Ridley Park, Pa. This is only a part of the letter he sent to his Congressman Bob Stump, Chairman Armed Services. Committee

They stated they were to old to bring the LST home but they stuck to their guns and brought her back home. If any of you think they should get some type of recognition please write to your President, Congress-person and Senators. This letter will be in the Scuttlebutt for all the membership to read.

We will have hats, patches,hat pins, t-shirts and sweatshirts to sell from the LST-325. The ad will be in the Scuttlebutt and I will place it on the web page. All profits from the sale of these items will go to the USS LST SHIP MEMORIAL. Please try to help the cause. Small donations grow into big money The quality of the merchandise is A-1. The items will need to paid by a check or a money order. At this time a credit card agreement has not been set up. Please be patient we will put them on as soon as possible. Most will be in color .

We are going to put the items that the United States LST Association have been selling in the Scuttlebutt for the last few years also. Some of you have requested that service.

We have had a big response from all of the publicity to join the Association. My fingers are typing as fast as I can. Thanks for your patience. when I got home from Mobile, I had over 900 messages in my e-mail box. I have gotten it down to 190 so if you haven't heard from me, I will get to them this week. Hang in there it will all get done. For those of you that have sent in your reservations for the reunion, you be patient also. You will receive a post card from me, They have been dated and numbered to make sure they are entered correctly. The card will tell you what hotel you will be in. I hope I have covered everything for now.

Think Spring!!!! Linda

Feb 22,2001
We have just received some bad news, one of the crew that returned the LST-325 back from Greece has passed away on Feb. 20, 2001. We express deepest sympathy to Jean and the family of Jackson R. Carter XO of the LST 325 and a former crew member of the LST-887. Services are pending at this time. Donations can be sent to the American Cancer Society in Mr. Jackson R. Carter's name. A memorial service will be planned.

Mike and Linda Gunjak
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